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Lauren Gleisberg

Pelvic Floor and Core Plan 2.0 (Start Here)

Pelvic Floor and Core Plan 2.0 (Start Here)

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I achieved my strongest, tightest + flattest core using this plan

  • 12 week workout plan with 10 minute workouts, 3 days/week
  • these specific workouts aim to target the pelvic floor & deepest core muscles (the TVA muscles that acts as a corset, wrapping around the midsection; this is different from most "ab workouts")
  • step-by-step instructions & photo demos of every move
  • help strengthen and sculpt your core muscles

Results I Personally Noticed (swipe photos for my 5 month progress)

  • flatter stomach (especially the stubborn lower ab area)
  • healed diastasis recti
  • stronger core during exercises
  • ability to control my bladder during high intensity moves (running, jumping)
  • sexual benefits (this is a reason a lot of women begin this type of training)

OVERALL: I went from having a 4 finger width diastasis recti gap and a weak pelvic floor and core (so weak I could not even hold a plank for 10 seconds and I peed myself when I did a squat jump) to the flattest, strongest, and leanest core of my life (in my 30s and after 2 kids).


Plans are digitally downloaded eBooks. You can download them on the page that loads after confirmation and via email. Due to the digital nature of the programs, there are no refunds.

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