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Lauren Gleisberg

Q2 Workout Plan + Meal Guide Bundle

Q2 Workout Plan + Meal Guide Bundle

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15% OFF BUNDLE (no code needed): workouts and meals designed to help get fit and shed (no code needed)

3-in-1-Training Plan Q2

  • 6 weeks of weight lifting, pelvic floor and core and progressive cardio workouts designed to take your results to new heights
  • Minimum equipment: dumbbells, resistance band + bench/step
  • PDF with video & photo demonstrations of every exercise

Q2 Meal Guide

  • 7 Full Days of Eating: sample meal plans with macros included
  • Recipe Book (quick & easy recipes)
  • Eating Out Guide (sample meal plan for days you want to balance healthy and indulgent meals)
  • Healthier Restaurant Orders
  • Healthy Snack List
  • Sample Grocery Store List

Plans are digitally downloaded eBooks. You can download them on the page that loads after confirmation and via email. Due to the digital nature of the programs, there are no refunds.

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