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Q2 3-In-1 Training Plan

Q2 3-In-1 Training Plan

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15% OFF BUNDLE: 6 weeks of weight lifting, pelvic floor and core and progressive cardio workouts designed to take your results to new heights (3 programs in 1 convenient PDF with videos of every exercise included)

3 Programs Included:

  • Weight Training Plan: a progressive overload approach to help strengthen and build muscle
  • Pelvic Floor and Core Plan: new workouts of pelvic floor, deep core & weighted abs with BOTH intermediate and advanced rep ranges included
  • Progressive Cardio Plan: 3 cardio options that progress each week for conditioning and calorie burning

*minimum equipment required: dumbbells, bands and a bench/box

Plans are digitally downloaded eBooks. You can download them on the page that loads after confirmation and via email. This is a general fitness and meal guide not 1 on 1 coaching. Due to the digital nature of the programs, there are no refunds.
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